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Title: Blind man's instructions on how to switch from PAL to NTSC on the AzBox Ultra
Post by: PwrSurge on February 17, 2015, 04:30 pm
Here are the directions for bringing the Azbox from PAL (default format) to NTSC.

If you accidentally set your receiver to PAL format and your TV can't display any video, here's how to switch it back to NTSC.

You need to do the following steps using the remote keypad:

1) Reboot the receiver by the switch on the back of the unit.
After it powers up and you see the menu rolling, follow these steps:
2) Down Arrow 6 Times
3) Press the OK button
4) Right Arrow 1 Time
5) Down Arrow 1 Time
6) Right Arrow 1 Time
You will now have changed the setting in the Menu from PAL, back to NTSC.
7) The receiver will ask you if you want to save your change and Press YES.


Now you’re in the NTSC mode and you should have a picture on your TV.