Author Topic: [Cogeco] Cogeco to introduce TiVo for its Ontario and Quebec subscribers in 2015  (Read 1974 times)

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Montreal-based Cogeco Cable Inc. said that the company will enhance its cable service by offering customers in Ontario and Quebec TiVo (the pioneer of personal video recorders or PVRs), which it has already rolled out to its U.S. Atlantic Broadband subscribers.Although Canada's largest telecommunications providers now offer more or less the same product line-up, with the three largest players all selling wireless, Internet, home phone and television services, the technology they use to get there is not exactly the same.

In order to enhance its competitiveness, Cogeco Cable Canada has concluded a partnership with TiVo Inc. ("TiVo"), a global leader in next-generation television services that enable viewers to consume content across all screens in and out-of-the home to be launched at Cogeco Cable Canada by mid-fiscal 2015. The TiVo solution was successfully launched in the first half of fiscal 2014 at the Corporation's Atlantic Broadband subsidiary with great customer acceptance.

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I am happy for the people in Ontario I am quite sure they will certainly benefit a great deal from this service.