Author Topic: Celebrate with Rainier and SAVE $200 on our best receiver!  (Read 119 times)

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Re: Celebrate with Rainier and SAVE $200 on our best receiver!
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Had my Rainier receiver for a while now. This receiver has given me ZERO problems. I look at those FTA forums every once in a while. I continuously see their receivers having one problem after another. The kicker part is the dealer that sold them that receiver is nowhere to be found for help, or has no answers for the customer. For the life of me I cannot understand the mentality of some. Just to save a buck they will buy one cheap receiver after another hoping to get something that works, and it never materializes. Some of those guys say Rainier is a ripoff or a scam. In fact the exact opposite is true. Rainier's products work flawlessly. Rainier has excellent product phone support. You may pay a few dollars more up front with Rainier but when you do the math the fta guy spends more and gets nothing in return.